About Us

Elaine Baldoino first became inspired by the creation of bathrooms spaces when she was an architectural drafter and Decorator at the Brasilia Designer Center, one of the most prestigious and resourceful buildings for professionals in the field.

Brasilia is a futuristic city built in the desert by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer in 1960. With some Bauhaus influence, but modernist from its core Brasilia evokes freedom and sophistication and hosts over 130 embassies.

The task to design bathrooms for so many foreigners was the most valuable experience with a profusion of learning in her career. The cultural diversity gave her a constructive eye for style and for individual need making her tactile in tailoring the space to fit the clients' lifestyle with functionality and sophistication.

After earning a degree in Civil technology in the USA, Elaine continues refining her skills participating in national and international architectural and Decor trade shows. With her experience in the design market, she provides a wide range of choices and elements that evoke inspiration to her clients. Bel Bath attends clients in NYC, Westchester, and Connecticut with services that include design studies, prospects, and execution of projects.